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Residues Of Time

2013  TFM, Design Compition, NYC, USA 






The brown building facades



Nimrod Meir Levi, Roy David







Memory exists in every aspect of our lives, any minor gesture from our surrounding can become a portal for series of memories, for example the smallest drop of wine can imply of the bottle previous content. Therefore, one is in a constant tension between the state of remembering and its day today routine, both in the physical and the metaphysical dimensions. Today, more than a hundred years after the Triangle Fire tragedy, the need of a physical reminder which will tell the story of the victims and will expose the future generations to the tragic event is requested. The main challenge as we saw it is the disparity between the presence of memorial structure in the daily routine of students, travelers and pedestrians.The logic that guided us was the understanding that the intervention on the facade along with a wall of names on the street level should get some reaction from the pedestrian, but do not cause unnecessary burden.In addition, the building now serves as the Faculty of Science and Arts of NYU, which can be interrupt as a source of knowledge and inspiration to students who studying there. Therefore the design intervention on facade of the building especially on the street level should serve the people on its surroundings and become an integral part of their daily activities.

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