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Mikveh Chabad

2009  Chandler, AZ, USA 



Chabad Chandler AZ. USA.



Design Proposal



Nimrod Meir Levi, Rotem Horesh Levi



5400 sf



780,000 USD



Female Mikveh (Ritual Immersion in Judaism)


Today there are more then 3000 Jewish households living in east valley.

The Nearest mikveh is located about an hour and a half from Chandler and more then two hours from the other regions in that area.



The question we asked ourselves while planning the mikveh is how to take this type  of  building, which is a bath used for the purpose of ritual immersion in Judaism .,  and turn it to a female community place?


Therefore The entrance hall will be used to create weekly meetings categories  suce as, Family purity and The role of women in the Jewish life. In addition, it Would be possible to purchase literature, magazines and cosmetics producuts.   In that way, we belives, THE   MIKVEH will become a central place for the women's  who lives in that community.


The walking path between the two walls toward room. Leads on the one hand, a sort of severing from the entrance lobby and on the other hand allows inner observation on the continuance process.


The time in the room is very intimate moment for the woman. The feeling that accompanies the woman when she had left home, become stronger when she came into the immersion room. Therefore it was important for us to give her all the necessary requirements for staying while at the same time, an intimate and pleasant room which she can feel that everything have been designted for her.

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