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Nimrod Meir Levi // Architect & Founder

Nimrod Meir Levi, born in 1981 at Tiberias, Israel. Hold Bachelor of Business Administration at IDC Herzliya, Israel and Architecture Bachelor from the AU school of architecture and urban planning, Israel.


He started his architecture studies in Venice, Italy, and continued in Israel. Already during his studies, Nimrod Meir had is first professional experience   that include planning and designing of Synagogue Kibbutz Galuyot in Tiberias, design and interior planning of the administrative offices of Ral Electric in Kidmat Galil Industrial Park, and design and interior planning of Milgo & Milbar restaurant in Tel-Aviv. In 2014, together with the architect Rotem Horesh Levi, they established FAB 314 AW with the desire to create a new architectural research and development platform.

"After more than 7 years of experience in academia, competition collaborations and professional work, I have learned much about architecture. However, I have also learned that there is even more knowledge about this incredible field that I must learn and understand. This desire and love of the profession constitutes the driving force in my journey as an architect. " NML

Rotem Horesh Levi // Architect & Founder

Rotem Horesh Levi, born in 1988 at Ashdod, Israel.  Holding Architecture Bachelor from the AU school of architecture and urban planning, Israel.

Yehezkel Zah Sinai // Designer & Decorator

Yehezkel Zah Sinai, born in 1979 at Tel Aviv, Israel. He has more than10 years of experience in home styling and decoration

Sarai Toledano // Industrial Designer & Graphic Designer

Sarai Toledano, born in 1990 , Holding  Industrial Design Bachelor from the AU school of design , Israel. Sarai knowledgeable of physical modeling with various materials such as wood, metal, plastic, etc and using of three-dimensional printing systems modeling . In addition  Shari has wide knowledge of graphic design and three-dimensional software , such as: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Animate, DreamWeaver & SolidWorks.


Eli Cramer // Architect & BIM Support

Roof Dagan // Roofing Solutions

Oren Gaon // Enginner

Dagan Projects Management

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