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The Lighthouse - Lakefront Kiosk

2015  Chicago Lakefront, Chicago, Illinois






18 sqm ( chosen site )



Nimrod Meir Levi








In the 20th century after the last of the lighthouse keepers left, lighthouses have become popular tourist sites. But over the years beyond its functional in sailing navigation the lighthouse also having cultural, symbolic and personal aspects, this phenomenon of the lighthouse is the kiosk design generator. In addition, today any structure, regardless of its size and scale must contain climates and energetic aspects, whether passive or active sense. This realization is a part of the challenge of this period. Therefore the kiosks of all his parts act as a local green lighthouse.


Design principles:

Four guiding principles can be characterized in the design of the Kiosk:

Sustainability - The kiosk placement together with the various energy systems such as wind turbine and solar roof system are important elements in the kiosk role, beyond the commercial needs, that can be serve throughout the year as a local energy source in the urban fabric. The envelope of the kiosk is design as several shading and roofing systems that produce a comfortable climate environment in favor of the kiosk customersand users.. 

Lightness - Creating several different types of shad roof systems create a feeling of lightness structure which the quantity of the material not felt and yet produces a unique spectacle performance at Lakefront. 

Flexibility - Designing a kiosk structure that can be customized and function in variety of uses, that has various operating areas such as work area, seating areas, deliveries and Standing point and all of the different elements designed that it can be dismantled and rebuilt again at the request of the client.

Interactivity - The floating LED Lighting fixture and the projection screen on the structure of the kiosk are serving as interactive elements that creates a dialogue with the passersby whether it's the illumination of the lighting fixture at night the can be observed in distances and whether its information posted on the screen, such as content marketing, experiential and environmental information that contribute to the uniqueness of the kiosk.


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