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2014  World Expo Park In Milan, Italy






1200 sqm ( chosen site )



Nimrod Meir Levi



Information area:              70 sqm

Souvenir shop area:          70 sqm

Buisness center:              210 sqm


The 5 types of grains [wheat, barley, oats, spelled and rye] are an important and essential ingredients in the production of food and energy. Those 5 types of grains becoming the main design generators of this project by creating 5"cases" arranged along the pavilion where each "case" contains and grower one type of grain. In addition, those "cases" are used to connect the upper and the lower level of the pavilion and produce unique solutions for air circulation and light filtering.


Site selection:

The chosen placement, for the Pavilion, at the end of the axle allows the extension of the Cardo into the Pavilion through the souvenir shops directly to the information area and back to the Cardo Facing south. In addition  the upper level of the Pavilion is an open space zone which assigned for gathering and business meetings, This area also serves as a viewpoint into the grain growing "cases" which also serve as part of the roofing and shading elements of the Pavilion


Design principles:

Three guiding principles can be characterized in the design of the Pavilion:

Lightness, Transparency and Sustainability.

The several different types of roofing systems and shade structure create a sense of lightness and the ability to have a depth view through several layers. In addition the northward position of the pavilion along with the shading and roofing systems alows using a natural ventilation and lighting in Max.


In summary, the challenge in designing the Pavilion was, on the one hand, the desire to give physical expression to those 5 basic food ingredients and on the other hand, create a smart and simple structural system which together produces a unique spectacle performance.



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