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2017 - Allenby 85 Haifa, Israel [Competition Winner]



Technion - Israel Institute of a Technology


Competition Winner


2 acre



Nimrod Meir Levi, Eli Cramer, Shiri Mottess Levin


Student Dormitories


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The chosen location for the student dormitories, at a meeting point between the German colony and the French Carmel neighborhood, in downtown Haifa allowing variety of options for new relationships between City, Building, Environment and Community. Moreover Allenby Street, is a central axis that linking downtown Haifa in the southeast with Bat Galim area in northwest, in other words, Allenby Street can be described as an Imaginary boundary between mountain and sea.

However, regarding to a survey among 80 medical students at the Technion, shows that the most important parameters for dorm are Privacy, Sustainability, Socializing, Sports activities and a Sense of home. In addition, most of the students claimed that they would be happy to take part in volunteer activities and contribute to surrounding environment.

Today, the need for green infrastructure inner cities becomes absolutely necessary. As part of this conception, and together with the development of technology, the building envelope becomes an important element in the urban infrastructure.

Therefore, the challenge in this project is regarding whether it is possible to have sustainable structure that will serves role in improving the urban environment that will benefit not only the tenants, but the entire neighborhood.

Improving acoustics, air quality, reduction of air pollution, and urban agriculture are just some of the possibilities and benefits that can produce around the building envelope. And moreover, the use of the façade as a food growing area, is a real potential for creating quality of life and community.

In summary, the construction of a new student dormitories in city center Haifa is an opportunity for renewal of the entire area. The unique urban fabric of Haifa, the site location and the landscape values together with the program needed, allow to produce a unique dialogue between students, community, building and city.

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