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Haifa Port [Central terminal] Israel

2013-2014   Haifa Port, Central terminal, Israel






240 acre



Nimrod Meir Levi



Mixed uses

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Haifa port / Central platform currently serves on the one hand operation area of the port and on the other gateway to the Haifa by sea .The goal of the project is to offer an alternative mixed use development to the platform area that will operate as the sea front of the city and as the new downtown Haifa tourism and leisure realm. In addition the possibility of connecting downtown to the sea enables to create new ways of exploration and encounters.


Terminal Haifa: the main building of the project, located in front of the platform, which is used as a gateway to the city. This building is connected to the train through different levels that grouped within a wide range of human activities and cultural, in purpose to be a center of attraction for downtown Haifa. 


Mixed use development: A variety of the various functions such as museums, music and performances halls, commercial spaces, offices, hotels and residential, are part of the need to strengthen downtown Haifa, and generate new leisure & residential realm for the city that will be an attraction for both local residents and visitors.


4 Urban Piers: The desire to connect the platform with the city downtown required to separate between the pedestrian and the transportation routes. Therefore the train and road levels were lowered throughout the platform. 

6 downtown "anchors" were selected to serve as bridges that penetrate the new terminal and becomes a kind of "urban pier" that hovering above the new platform realm and views the sea. 

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