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2017 -Sevenoaks Nature and Wellbeing Center ,Kent  UK

 [Competition Entry]

2017 - Allenby 85 Haifa, Israel [Competition Winner]

The chosen location for the student dormitories, at a meeting point between the German colony and the French Carmel neighborhood, in downtown Haifa allowing variety of options for new relationships between City, Building, Environment and Community.

2016 -Mevaseret Zion , Israel [Competition entry]

The unique environment of Mevaseret holds range possibilities for new relationships between city building and nature .Nature, human scale, and the unique climate of the area are the background for planning the city's conservatory.

2013 - 2018 Sapirim Industrial Park , Sderot, IL

In this project we were requested to design a manufacturing, warehouse and head office for Vaccutec Packaging Ltd.

The initial design act derived from the conditions of the given lot, the site sits between two different street levels which allow creating on the lower level all the operating function, while the main office entrance will be located at the upper street level.


2011 - Ongoing Tiberias, Israel 

The main idea of this project was the will to create a place which provides comfort and modern environment to the public and on the other hand, preserve the spirit of the place. The site allowed creating a new entrance through the bridge which basically functions as a public space and as integral part of the synagogue main entrance.


2015 - 2016  Jyväskylä, Finland [Competition entry]

ILooking at Aalto's works it seems there is strong connection between his unique aesthetic works of architecture to the landscapes of Finland. The Nature, the proportion of human scale, detailing and the reference to natural light are an integral part of Aalto’s design and to the character of Finland.

2015  Chicago Lakefront, Chicago, Illinois [Competition entry]

In the 20th century after the last of the lighthouse keepers left, lighthouses have become popular tourist sites. But over the years beyond its functional in sailing navigation the lighthouse also having cultural, symbolic and personal aspects, this phenomenon of the lighthouse is the kiosk design generator.

2014  World Expo Park In Milan, Italy [Competition entry]

The 5 types of grains [wheat, barley, oats, spelled and rye] are an important and essential ingredients in the production of food and energy. Those 5 types of grains becoming the main design generators of this project by creating 5"cases" arranged along the pavilion where each "case" contains and grower one type of grain.



2013-2014  Haifa Port , Central terminal, Israel [Case study]

Haifa port / Central platform currently serves on the one hand operation area of the port and on the other gateway to the Haifa by sea .The goal of the project is to offer an alternative mixed use development to the platform area that will operate as the sea front of the city and as the new downtown Haifa tourism and leisure realm.


2014  Tel Aviv - Yafo, Israel

Design new open kitchen and bistro in a classic Bauhaus building just between the national theatre Habima and the Culture Palace of Tel Aviv.


2014  South Harbor, Helsinki, Finalnd [Case study]

The project was based on the competition for the construction of the Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki Finland at the southern harbor. This project serves as a re-thinking of the museum experience as a direct continuation of the street and bay activities


2014  [Research]

This work is a direct continuation searching for the potential of the relationships between various constructive elements with shading and filtering systems that allows qualities of light, air and energy.


2014  Conceptual story

The story of REFORMA was written regarding the inspiration of the book Invisible Cities by ,Italo Calviano.


Those  images show REFORMA as a case that examines the relationship between human memory, structure and context.


2014  Personal Exploration

A research projects explores the use of mega structures with robotic systems.


2013  Acre IL [Case study]

The project examines the concept of "building is not a single instance" And then the city is the three-dimensional spatial field of activity and human complexity. Each building stores a range of mixed uses that reveal to the observer countless choices of activities, meetings and thrills that produce a series of spatial events related to one another and not a singular space creation. 



Impression from the port city, Haifa, Israel.


2013  Urban Research [Case Study]


2013  Formal development 

The various diagrams are part of the infrastructure and the development of conceptual architectural language for the Haifa port project which will be outlined. These models are an attempt to give physical expression to concepts of architecture transparency, lightness and continuity through the relationship between skin and structure.


2013  TFM, Design Compition, NYC, USA [Competition entery]

Memory exists in every aspect of our lives, any minor gesture from our surrounding can become a portal for series of memories, for example the smallest drop of wine can imply of the bottle previous content. Therefore, one is in a constant tension between the state of remembering and its day today routine, both in the physical and the metaphysical dimensions.


2013  Design Research [Case Study]

Creating a new performance for the ART and SCIENCE building . Having new relationship between the street and the building facade


2012  Ramat Yishai, Israel [Competition entry]

The need to create a memorial site which is also a place of public daily activity was the main  challenge of this project.

The project examine the possibility to create a home for the person who come to unite with  his beloved lost ones and also allow day to day activities to take place without loosing the identity of a dignified memorial place.


2012  Tall Building [Competition entry]

Imagine a world without borders, a world which vicinity isn't region dependent. A world un which the real and the virtual become one. Imagine worldwide section plane that gather people, spaces and emotional landscapes from all around the globe into physical space...


2012  [Case study]

This project examined the possibility of producing new urban living space which is built as tailor-made units that redefines the relationship between public and private space.


2010  Kidmat Galil Industrial Park, Israel

Design new head office for Ral Electric LTD.


2009  Chandler, AZ, USA [Design proposal]

The question we asked ourselves while planning the mikveh is how to take this type  of  building, which is a bath used for the purpose of ritual immersion in Judaism .,  and turn it to a female community place?


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